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PHP Gallery

PHP Gallery is a free php image script that allows you to upload and display photos on your website in a clean elegant way.

PHP Gallery features

Php gallery

New in PHP Gallery version 1.0.1

Download PHP Gallery Open the PHP Gallery demo

Using the Free PHP image Gallery

You will receive a zip file, unpack this file and upload the files on your site in any directory.
Have a look at settings.php and change admin user / password and thumbnail size.
Visit the folder on your website where you uploaded the gallery and click "admin" at the bottom of the page. Type your user / password.
You can now see the admin pages that allows you to manage your categories.
To upload new photos, visit any category and click "Upload Photos".

Screens from the free gallery script

While browsing a category admin can click "Upload photos", an upload form will appear on same page.

Php gallery - category page

If admin clicks "Edit photos", then you get the editing page where you can change photo title, description, move the photo or select it as cover for that category.

Php gallery - preview editing photos

Admin can manage categories, rename them, add new categories, etc.

Php gallery - preview manage categories

Download PHP Gallery Open the PHP Gallery demo

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